Windshield Washer Fluids - What It Is & Different Types

When it comes to maintaining a clear and unobstructed view while driving, having good windshield washer fluid is essential. While some might be tempted to use water as a quick solution, it's important to understand that water alone is not an ideal choice. That's why we have made a blog, going over why it's not a good idea and the types of fluid you can choose from.

Is Water An Okay Alternative?

Keep in mind that water is not a recommended alternative to proper washer fluid. While water may help to some extent in removing light dirt or dust, it lacks the cleaning power and additives found in specialized washer fluids. Additionally, water is not effective in freezing temperatures and can cause the washer fluid reservoir, hoses, and spray nozzles to freeze, rendering the system useless. After all, when you wash your windows at home, you don't use only water.

Types Of Washer Fluid

Good for every season - All-season washer fluid is a popular year-round option. This fluid is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, including hot summers and freezing winters. It contains a mixture of water, detergents, and additives that effectively remove dirt, bugs, and grime from the windshield. All-season washer fluids frequently provide a good balance of cleaning power and freeze resistance.

Cold weather - For those living in colder climates, de-icer washer fluid is a must-have during the winter season. This fluid is formulated with an antifreeze agent, such as methanol or ethanol, which helps to prevent the washer fluid from freezing on the windshield. As its name implies, it melts ice and snow, which is helpful in winter as we mentioned above.

Rain won’t be a problem - Rain-repellent washer fluid is designed to improve visibility during rainy conditions. It contains hydrophobic agents that create a thin layer on the windshield, causing water to bead and roll off more easily. This type of fluid enhances the effectiveness of windshield wipers, reducing the need for constant wiping and providing a clearer view during rainy weather.

Cheap and customizable - Concentrated washer fluid allows you to mix the fluid yourself by diluting it with water. This option is cost-effective and provides flexibility in choosing the desired strength of the washer fluid. Concentrated formulas are available for various purposes, including all-season, bug remover, and de-icer, allowing you to customize your washer fluid to suit your specific needs.

If you start to experience any issues with your windshield washer system, make sure to call us at Cooper's Automotive! We will inspect the vehicle for leaks and other damage so you know the cause of the issue while determining the best way to fix it.