Top 3 Most Affordable and Reliable Coupes

The allure of a coupe lies in its sleek design, dynamic performance, and the promise of a thrilling driving experience. For budget-conscious car enthusiasts, finding a coupe that offers both reliability and affordability is a rewarding pursuit. Let's take a look at our pick for the top 3 affordable, reliable, and cheap-to-maintain sports coupes on the market! We also threw in a short specs list so you can easily compare them.

1. Honda Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic Coupe combines affordability, reliability, and practicality. With a reputation for longevity, the Civic Coupe is powered by efficient engines, providing a spirited yet fuel-efficient ride. Its comfortable interior, user-friendly technology, and strong resale value make it an attractive choice for budget-conscious drivers seeking a reliable and enjoyable coupe.


  • Engine Options: 2.0L inline-4 or 1.5L turbocharged inline-4
  • Transmission Options: 6-speed manual or CVT
  • Horsepower Range: 158 - 205 hp (depending on engine)
  • Model Years: 2016 - Present

2. Toyota 86

The Toyota 86, known for its sporty handling and balanced performance, offers an engaging driving experience at an affordable price point. While the horsepower might not be as high as some other coupes, the 86 makes up for it with its lightweight design and precise steering. Its simplicity, reliability, and connection to driving enthusiasts make it a popular choice for those who prioritize the joy of driving.


  • Engine: 2.0L flat-4
  • Transmission Options: 6-speed manual or automatic
  • Horsepower: 205 hp
  • Model Years: 2013 - Present

3. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang, an American icon, offers a blend of performance, style, and affordability. With a range of engine options, including the powerful EcoBoost turbocharged inline-4 and the thunderous V8, the Mustang caters to a variety of driving preferences. Its muscular looks, diverse trim levels, and accessible pricing have made it a favorite among coupe enthusiasts looking for both power and practicality.


  • Engine Options: V6 EcoBoost turbocharged inline-4, or V8
  • Transmission Options: 6-speed manual or automatic
  • Horsepower Range: 300 - 450+ hp (depending on engine)
  • Model Years: 2015 - Present

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