How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

Winter is a time of year that can be tough on your vehicle. Cold temperatures, snow and ice, and other seasonal elements can all take their toll on auto performance and require extra attention to keep your car running smoothly. To ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for winter weather, it's important to pay attention to a few key maintenance items. Auto repair shop professionals suggest following these winter auto maintenance tips to help you get ready for the cold weather.

Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

1. Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Having tires with proper air pressure is essential in any season, but is particularly important in the winter months. Cold temperatures can cause your tire pressure to drop and if it's too low, it can affect handling and fuel economy. Make sure to check your tire pressure often and have it adjusted if necessary. It is also important to inspect the tread depth of your tires before winter weather sets in. The deeper the tread, the better grip they will have on icy roads, so it's best to make sure all four are checked regularly.

2. Tires & Wheels

One of the most important checks when it comes to winter car preparation is your tires. Winter tires are a great option if you experience extreme temperatures and snow/ice in your area, as they offer improved traction in cold weather compared to all-season tires. However, even if you don't have winter tires, it's still important to make sure your tires are in good condition. You would want to ensure that the wheels themselves are not bent or cracked, as this can affect performance and safety.

3. Windshield Wipers & Washers

Windshield wipers should also be checked before winter. If they're streaky, it could impair your visibility in adverse weather conditions. Replace them if necessary and always make sure to keep the washer reservoir full so you can clean off bugs, dirt, and snow from your windshield.

4. Lights

Lastly, all exterior lights should be checked for any issues or broken bulbs. This includes headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. It is important that all of these lights are working correctly before winter to ensure your visibility as well as the visibility of other drivers on the road.

Making sure your vehicle is prepared for winter weather can help ensure your safety and the performance of your car. If you need a winter vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your car into our auto repair shop for professional service! Our experienced mechanics are here to help make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly during the cold months ahead. Contact Cooper's Automotive today to set up an appointment!