4 Ways To Spot Misaligned Wheels

While driving, your wheels come in contact with everything from small rocks on the road to potholes. Over time, they will start to get misaligned. Misaligned wheels can cause problems with the suspension system, steering mechanism, and other important parts. The main thing they affect is your ability to control the vehicle, meaning that your and your family's safety is at risk. This is why we have made a short list of four ways to spot wheels that are starting to get misaligned.

Shaking Or Vibrations While Braking

One of the more obvious signs of misaligned wheels is experiencing any shaking or vibrations while braking. The difference in the angles of the rotors and wheels causes this. If one of your wheels is very misaligned, it can also happen because of the big difference in the direction the wheel is pointing.

Steering Wheel Is Crooked

If your steering wheel is crooked, there are two possible causes. One is the steering mechanism, which is not very likely, and the other is misaligned wheels. When the wheels aren't aligned properly, it directly affects the steering mechanism; therefore, the wheels become crooked.

Rapid Brake Pad Wear

Are you changing your brake pads every month? While this should have gotten your attention right away, we are here to explain. This can be caused by misaligned wheels resulting in uneven brake pad wear. Make sure to align and balance your wheels to prevent this from reoccurring.

Strange Noise While Steering

When your wheels are misaligned, a strange noise can be heard while steering, especially when stationary or parking. This is caused by bad contact between the tires and the ground, which can even result in rapid tire wear.

Wheel Alignment Procedures At Cooper's Automotive

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