Customer service at its finest. Honest and friendly. Everything you could ask for in a local auto shop. Dennis and Eric take excellent care of our family cars.

5 Cooper's Automotive 1/24/2015

Amazing experience. In and out very quick and staff was amazing. Highly recommended. Didn't charge me for a 20 tire inspection just did all precautions to know i was safe

5 Cooper's Automotive 11/21/2014

It is a privilege to work at a business that I can stand behind 100%. Cooper's is an honest shop that cares about its clientele!

5 Cooper's Automotive 10/7/2014

The folks at Cooper's are very square when my boyfriend and I have taken our cars there. If they feel like you could get a better deal somewhere else, they will tell you. For example, my boyfriend's truck had some electrical wiring problems from the installation of the radio. While the folks at Cooper said they could fix it, they said that Car Toys would probably do it cheaper. Since then, I've had my oil changed there, and just took my Subaru Outback in to have the coolant system checked. They found more serious problems, but told me ways to mitigate the problem so that the car would be safe to drive. All in all, these guys are honest and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

5 Cooper's Automotive 1/2/2014

Had a leak in a couple of tires. They checked it out and found 3 of 4 of the valve stems were leaking. They were specialized stems they did not stock but they allowed me to go to a parts store, get the parts and still get me back in to do the work. The initial quote was $80 to mount and balance all wheels after replacing the stems, but they managed to replace the stems without fully dismounting the tires. So the charge was only $25. They could have gone ahead and charged me the $80 but were were honest. I will go back for more work as I feel they can be trusted.

5 Cooper's Automotive 12/4/2013

I brought my 96 Accord in to diagnose a faulty ignition cylinder. It turns out it had to be replaced; they walked me through each step of the process, and got the parts ordered, delivered, and installed within the day. Excellent, friendly staff, at reasonable prices. They really care about their customers; my friends recommended Coopers Auto to me, and all consider the staff at Coopers to be extremely proficient, courteous, fair, and thorough. Thanks, guys!

5 Cooper's Automotive 11/26/2013

TOP KNOTCH. This is a family owned and operated local business. The staff was amazing. Really helpful. I felt welcomed when I came in the door. I felt assured that I would get the right work done the first time, and the mechanic was happy to have the chance to work on my truck. It was a challenge to find the shop the first time due to city restrictions on placing signs in Lafayette. The work done was on-time, done right and fair priced. Coopers Automotive won my business and proved their worth. These guys are great.

5 Cooper's Automotive 11/21/2013

5 Cooper's Automotive 8/8/2013

Love Cooper's! We've been taking our cars there for years. They're knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly, they're honest. Great repair shop, competitive prices and exceptional people.

5 Cooper's Automotive 11/29/2012

My beautiful Acura TL needed an alignment badly so I asked my guys at Discount Tire where to take it. They gave me the card to Cooper's. So I scheduled my appointment for Wed morning, come to find out I got called into work from 7a-12p. When I called Cooper's they said "no worries just bring it in when you can, we'll take care of you." So I brought the care over around 12:30-1p and it was done by the end of the day (5:25p to be exact). Great same day service even with the surprise reschedule I had to make. I asked for a front alignment and they called me because the rear was out of line too, for only $20 extra to line up the rear why not! Great prices too, a 12 month guaranteed alignment for $90! Can't beat that anywhere I've checked. Turns out one of my tires has a separated belt so they rotated my tires free of charge just to make sure it was the tires and not the alignment. When I got back on the road my ride is straight and true, steering wheel is centered and I'm not broke either. Overall from start to finish I felt very comfortable leaving my baby in their possession and having them work on it. Great customer service and Eric in the front was extremely knowledgeable in general and I was surprised at how much the guys in the shop communicate with Eric up front. Seamless service and when it comes down to getting my car worked on, I could trust these guys from the get go and will be going back for anything I can't accomplish myself.

5 Cooper's Automotive 11/24/2012
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